Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Blow up your tv"

Blow up your TV throw away your paper
Go to the country, build you a home
John Prine

Well, we didn't really blow up our tv, but we did get rid of our satellite connection. We have Netflix so we can watch television shows, albeit a season late, with no commercials or no fast-forwarding through commercials.

After the wonderful birthday party last night, Tom and I started talking about the dish. Do we really need it? More importantly, do we really want it? And we decided no. It makes us feel rattled. Over the years we have caught up with many of the great television series from Netflix and we find we enjoy viewing that way better. Even our beloved LOST we enjoyed more when we had a marathon on dvds, rather than watching each week. We just do not need to be "au courant" in our television viewing. Maybe I'll buy the dvd of the Westminster dog show next year. :<) The only snag was Red Sox games, but Tom said he really doesn't need to watch every game for three hours a day. Heck, we can go to a friend's house or even out to a bar to see a game. And there is always the radio, the way my father and his generation all followed baseball. We can do this. We can live easier, calmer, and fuller lives without television. The house already feels quieter. Oh, and the bonus is we will be saving over $600 a year!


  1. With that savings, you can go to a lot of baseball games! Or buy books!

    We rarely ever watch tv. We enjoy our weekly programs via Netflix, just like you. Much more enjoyable.

  2. I agree that baseball would be the hard thing to give up--but I like the idea of listening to the games on the radio.

  3. You could go to a baseball game for $600. :)

    It sounds nice Nan. I wonder what I would miss most about tv. It sure is a time waster. We just finished watching a college basketball game. Sometimes we listen to radio and watch the game on tv becasue we don't like the announcers. Ha..

  4. More power to you! Congratulations! I rarely watch TV anymore--except for Masterpiece Theatre. I find much current television programming to be insulting, especially the cable news channels.

  5. As Chance the gardener said, "I like TV." I don't mind admitting it. I love my Sox and have returned to watching the Celts. The Amazing Race has me making lists of places to visit. HGTV is a favorite as is the cooking channel. I enjoy LOST.

    I watch TV.

  6. We have never had cable. We do have a few TV shows that we enjoy watching, but like you we like to get them from Netflix and watch the entire season - no commercials - lovely! Some people get a truly horrified look on their face when we say we don't have cable - like we live in a cave. Too funny.

  7. Good decision, Nan. A few days ago I looked at the list of free offerings at Netflix, and was pleasantly surprised to see several TV offerings that I won't mind watching on my laptop!

    I grew up listening to the Red Sox and still prefer listening to the games to watching them on TV. The only problem is that the commentators of today are woefully lacking in their ability to paint the picture of what's happening on the field. Still, there's nothing like sitting on the back steps on a warm summer evening, listening to the game floating out from the radio propped up in the kitchen window!


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