Sunday, February 10, 2008

Book Report/The Snow Goose

The Snow Goose
by Paul Gallico
fiction, 1941
finished 2/10/08

I expect they are different for everyone; those book titles we have heard our whole lives yet have never happened to read. Well, for me, one of them is The Snow Goose. It has been in my consciousness for a very long time, but I hadn't read it. My friend Judi gave it to me for Christmas last year, and I read the book in one sitting on this very snowy Sunday afternoon. It is the story of a "mis-shapen" man who lives alone in a lighthouse. His heart is warm and loving but people cannot see beyond his physical appearance so he takes care of birds, does paintings, and takes photographs. There are a couple of incidents which change his life. One is when a little girl comes to his door carrying an injured snow goose; the other is the Battle of Dunkirk. If I write more, the story will be given away. Most of you have probably read it over the years, but if you haven't you may want to pick it up and spend a bit of time within the pages of this little treasure.


  1. Nan, I saw this very scene today. A snow goose sitting by itself in a muddy field. This makes me want to find this book and read it.

  2. Nan, It's one of my favorites: so poignant and meaningful. I have it on my bookshelves, and pick it up and reread it every few years. Nice post. :)

  3. Lisa, that is just amazing! I'm so impressed. I've never, ever seen one. I think you will like the book.
    Aisling, thanks so much, and I would have guessed that you loved it. :<)

  4. I just happened upon your blog and am curious as to your all time favorite book - if you had to pick just one, what would it be?

  5. Sherry, thanks for coming by. Honestly, I couldn't say. There are so many wonderful ones that I just couldn't choose.

  6. I haven't read this one, Nan. Thanks for writing about it.It sounds the sort of book I like.

  7. Hi there,
    I just found your blog and its quite wonderful. I am reading 'The Geese of Beaver Bog' by Bernd Heinrich right now, about wild geese, and enjoying it so was charmed to see the pictures on your post. They are beautiful. I read 'The Snow Goose' some years ago.

  8. Excellent book . I have two copies. the snow. I'm just wearing
    a sweater, here in the South.
    My Lenten Roses have put their
    faces out to the world! It is Lent!


  9. I loved this book when I read it a long time ago. It's time to reread it and appreciate it's beauty again!

  10. Margaret, I know you would love the book.

    The Elementary, I'm going to look into that book.

    Oh, Bonnie, very funny. ANY flowers in Lent would be a miracle around here.

    Robin, let me know when you read it again. I'd love to hear if you still love it.


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