Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Finds/August 29

Here is the list for this week's Friday Finds.

1. From Heidi: Beatrix Potter: A Journal

2. From Jenclair: A great post on the Dalziel & Pascoe series by Reginald Hill - a series I have been meaning to start for a long, long time.

3. And a book I just bought, hot off the presses, Donald Hall's Unpacking the Boxes: A Memoir of a Life in Poetry.

We're planning on seeing him next month at Plymouth State University.


  1. Hey, Nan! Great header pic! :D

    And, thanks for your comment about my hubby's job situation. I appreciate that.


  2. And, from me, thanks for the link and comment on my post about Dalziel & Pascoe!

  3. Didn't Jenclair do a great post on the Dalziel and Pascoe series? It really made me want to read more books in that particular bunch.

  4. If you enjoyed the Dalziell & Pascoe books you really ought to see the BBC series of the same name. Brilliant, brilliant casting!


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