Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For fans of Agatha Christie

There is a program coming up tomorrow, February 13th, on the Documentary Channel that fans of Agatha Christie may be interested in. Here's the info:

The Agatha Christie Code
The Agatha Christie Code introduces viewers to new fields of scientific enquiry using sophisticated computer analysis of Christie's every written word, her sentence structure, story arcs, red herrings, clues and so on. Produced with the cooperation of the company that owns the Agatha Christie estate, this documentary, just like one of her own famous stories, combines all the thrills of a real detective investigation.

It is on at 7 pm, and again at 11 pm (eastern time).

Sounds fascinating to me.


  1. Thank you for the heads up...this sounds very interesting!

  2. Hello Nan
    I won't be able to see the TV program here in France but I will follow the Westminster Dog Show on the link!
    I see in the "new" breeds the Beauceron. We don't see as many of the breed now here, about twenty years ago they were very popular.
    No I don't have a blog,wish I was clever enough to make one!
    Have a good day, take care.

  3. I wonder if we'll get this sometime - I'd love to watch it!

  4. Now this sounds really interesting! I'll have to set the DVR. Thanks for the heads up!


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