Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today's pictures/Four firsts

First butterfly
First iris
First aquilegia
First spiderwort


  1. Aquilegias are among my favourite garden flowers. I have them with "double skirts" too - they look like little ballerinas. Here in Wales, they also grow wild along the lanes - one of their last strongholds. Lovely photos. What is the butterfly please?

  2. Around here, the curly aquilegias are the wild ones, just as there. I'm so fond of them. I think the butterfly is a swallowtail, Jennie.

  3. Lovely firsts Nan. Our spiderworts are just now blooming too. Our lilacs and irises are past.

  4. Nan, All so pretty! My iris are blooming now, in slow motion it seems: one or two new blooms in the whole garden each day. But my aquilegia are blooming in profusion!

  5. Really love your photos.

    I'm a mystery novel reader also.

    I surfed over from Robin's Nesting Place site (she has you linked). Enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. Lisa, isn't it so interesting that though our lilacs and irises have different blooming times, the spiderwort is the same. Nature is an amazing thing.
    Aisling, I love how you say, 'slow motion.' That is perfect.
    Roses and Lilacs, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I shall stop by your blog soon.
    Thanks, Colleen.


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