Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Stroll/June 29

It was a pleasure to join Aisling for a Sunday Stroll this last Sunday in June. It has been an unusual month, with rain and clouds and misty mornings, with the sun poking through most days but not for too long at a stretch. A single poppy came and went. Because the peonies got blowsy so quickly, I picked only one bouquet.

Last year I raved about the locust flowers, and this year we saw only a few at the top of the trees, and they were in bloom a short time.

The indigo flowers are mostly past now, except for the stalwart spiderworts which will come and go all summer.

The first orange daylily has opened. This most common of flowers is one of my very favorites. The leaves are just about the first thing to poke through the cool spring soil. They look like tall lovely grass before blooming, and then comes that cheerful color when the flowers appear.

The predominant color I saw as I walked around today was green. This catnip which Sooty and Raya will greatly enjoy.

The mint growing under the tree rose and the tree hydrangea will make the best tea.

I don't think the nasturtiums are going to flower but the leaves are good in salad.

This is the zucchini that was hit by frost, but came back beautifully!


The peas have flowered, and it won't be too long before we have fresh peas.

Lots and lots of rosa rugosas.

And last, but definitely not least, the tree mallow by the kitchen door has blossomed.


  1. A beautiful stroll through your garden Nan. We are having an unusual cool day for June here. It is perfect for strolling.

  2. Nan, Your garden looks pretty. And just as last week all the green is refreshing and cheerful. I love the delicate pink of the mallow!


  3. I love those orange daylilies, too. Do people call them ditch-lilies where you live. I think that is sort of disprespctful to them; they're so cheerful looking!

  4. My mallow is also blooming. All looks serene and peaceful on the hill.

  5. It's Wednesday now, and I've enjoyed strolling through your garden. Everything looks so nice and lush.

    My bee balm is blooming, as are the day lilies and Shasta daisies.


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