Thursday, June 5, 2008

Book Report/No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home
by Mary Higgins Clark
fiction, 2005
finished, 6/5/08

Sometimes it is simply a blast to read a book of suspense. I don't do it very often; sometimes not even once in a year's reading. No Place Like Home was fast-paced, naturally, since right under the author's name on the cover, it says, "The Queen of Suspense." The book is about a woman whose husband surprises her with a gorgeous new house on her birthday. Now really, who would do that? What if the wife didn't like it? This is one of a couple's huge decisions that should be made together. But, he had good reasons, and he is such a sweet man that I could sort of buy the notion. Well, the surprise turns into shock and horror when the wife realizes this is her childhood home, in which her mother was murdered, and her step-father injured. That's all I'll tell you because it's just too good a story to spoil. I really enjoyed it, and found it well-written, with good characters and interesting plot. I've never read anything by Mary Higgins Clark before, and I might just read some more another year when I'm in the mood for a little suspense.


  1. Hi Nan,
    I read that last year - I don't routinely read that many mysteries anymore but I saw it at the library and it sounded good - and was! I think Mary Higgins Clark is so good at building suspense.

  2. Hey, this sounds fun!! I have read several thrillers by Harlan Coben and they are great. Real page turners.

    I just started the new book by Andre Dubus III tonight. Read from page 1 to 117 right away. Very good. Did you read House of Sand and Fog? Did you like it?

    Love your new banner picture!

  3. Susan and Laura, thanks for taking the time to comment. MHC really is quite, quite excellent at building the suspense.
    I have read some Coben, but some of the subject matters I simply couldn't handle. Both my husband and daughter read him. Ah, Mr. Dubus. I have not read House of Sand and Fog, but it has been in my head for a long while now. Have you read the story by his father, on which the movie, In The Bedroom, was based? Or seen the movie? There's info here:

    I think there's a Sand and Fog movie, too. I really must read it.

  4. Hi - Haven't read his son's book although I have heard it is great (and that the movie was interesting, too). Saw the Sissy Spacek movie of one of his (the father's) stories - good but so heartrending. There is a short story about a car accident called A Father's Story that is one of my all time favorite short stories. I haven't, however, read much of his other stuff.

  5. Susan and Laura, maybe we should create our own Dubus challenge for bloggers!

  6. Hi, just getting back to you....I saw the movie too, but have not read any of the father's stories....I will check the library for them. I have been on a roll of ordering things from the library. I used to have to own everything I read, but due to space becoming overrun with books and limited finances, I find I am able to finally take books out of the library. Plus, you can get on the waiting list for the really new books. Currently, I am excited about getting a new book from the library. It is Debra Winger's (actress) memoir. I think that will be really interesting!!!

    I agree with you about the Coben subject matter, there was one of his books that I could not get through due to it.

    Have a happy Sunday!


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