Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scallions, scapes, spinach

This is one of the things I love about keeping an online journal: I just sat down to do a Fresh From My Garden post about the first garlic scapes, and lo, and behold, it was exactly a year ago today I wrote about them. Along with the scapes, I picked some scallions and more spinach. You may recall that eight days ago, I picked spinach and rhubarb. I was so pleased, and satisfied to have all that food in the freezer. And what happened? We had a brief thunderstorm with high winds, and sure enough a line came down and we lost power for 23 hours. I threw it all out. The spinach hadn't even frozen yet, and was in a pool inside the freezer bags. But, there is a happy ending. The weather has been cool, cloudy, and rainy and hence, the spinach came right back, and I think I picked as much today as I did before. Tomorrow, I'll head out to the rhubarb patches and see if there is still some to pick that isn't too tough.

Garlic scapes
Scallions, spinach, scapes (hidden)


  1. Nan, could you tell me what garlic scapes are exactly? I bought some immature garlic at the FM that looked like oversized scallions - is it that? Or the green stalk part of that? thanks!

  2. If you click on "I wrote" there's an explanation. And you left a comment too! I'm quite sure what they called immature garlic, is scapes. They are stalky, not soft like leaves.

  3. I'm glad you were able to get more spinach, but too bad about the power outage:(.
    I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you over on my blog. I thought the game looked fun.

  4. Nan, am so impressed by your vegetables.
    By the way, I have posted a photo of a pheasant and chick on my blog which you might like to see as you like birds.

  5. Joyce, I took a quick peek, and I'll be back to do it!
    Susie, I'll be over to see that pheasant- thank you for letting me know. I've been busy and haven't gotten to read all the blogs I've wanted to lately.

  6. Geez. Nice memory I have. It's shot, really. Well, yes they are stalky, and when I cut open the white part - this is how they were sold - it was tiny baby immature garlic. Yummy too. But I didn't cook the stalks. Interesting to see I wrote that squash was starting to come up here a year ago. No such luck these days.


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