Friday, June 6, 2008

Garden and Market Icons

I just put these two new pictures on the sidebar. I heard of them from Tara, and thought what a nice thing to do over the summer. If you'd like them for your blog, they are free and available at A Veggie Venture. I plan to put them into postings when I pick from my garden and when I go to the farmer's market.


  1. I love these! Now I'll have to make sure I get the farmer's market so I can use that one.

  2. What a very neat idea! I may just do that myself. There's a wonderful Farmer's Market about 15 mins from here and tomorrow might be a good day to investigate. :)

    Thanks for your visits and comments, Nan -- I just wanted to let you know that I put my links on the new template by cutting and pasting the code from my "classic" template and adding it into an HTML widget...I didn't add them link by link with the link widget (or whatever they're properly called). It worked like a charm and they were up in one fell, swipe! :)


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