Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22 at the Farmer's Market

This was my first day at the Farmer's Market. Just as in my Sunday Stroll post, most everything on sale was green: lettuce, herbs, and spinach. We are so lucky to have a Jamaican native who sells both meat and veggie patties, salsas, rubs, and marinades. I bought some veggie patties for lunches this week, salsa, a little basil, and spring garlic, which is not scapes but is just garlic picked early, sort of like scallions.


  1. My husband is French, and it is in his family's tradition to make meat pies such as those you pictured. They seem a universal delight, because I've had them in England as well as seen them in my Russian cookbook. How could one go wrong with meat, potatoes (as are in mine) and crust? Impossible!

  2. I can't say about the meat ones, but the veggie patties don't have potatoes. There are onions, bok choy, spices, and I think that's it. They must be the Jamaican equivalent to the European pies. So delicious.

  3. Those patties look good. Okay, spring garlic is what I bought. My neighbor is growing garlic and I'm looking out for the scapes.

  4. Tara, I'm glad you read it. I asked the fellow selling it just so I could report back to you!


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