Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Stroll/June 8

There comes a day in June when the weather makes a big change from cool and cloudy or sunny and breezy to hot! Yesterday was that day. I thought I'd die with the heat. I'm so not a hot weather girl. Everyone in Texas and similar climes would laugh at what I call hot.

We spent a fair bit of yesterday afternoon putting down cocoa mulch along that fence I talked about a couple weeks ago. I think it looks so much better.

We moved the daylilies which were there to a daylily garden right by the patio. Won't this be gorgeous when they all blossom!

The big news from this week's Sunday Stroll, is that the baby robins have flown the coop and naturally we didn't see or hear them go. We're keeping the nest.

Here is why the vine where the robin nested is called a Dutchman's Pipe.

The first geranium blossom.

Tom cut down some little maples which were growing amongst the lilacs, and the animals were delighted with a morning snack of fresh leaves.

The peas are coming along so well because of all the cool, cloudy, rainy weather we've had the past couple weeks.

Here are the garlic, shallots, and potatoes.

A closer view of the potatoes. They are a gourmet variety called Yellow Finn. We planted just a few for that taste of fresh potatoes in the summer. I don't have enough land to plant all the potatoes we eat in a year; my personal favorite vegetable. :<)
I keep this garden fork in the garden, ready for use, but also because it reminds me of Mr. McGregor's garden in Beatrix Potter's, The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

I think I'll spend this second hot day in a row, sitting on the shady porch with Faulkner's Sartoris, reading about what hot weather really is.


  1. Everything is growing by leaps and bounds in your garden Nan even the robins. The daylilies will be gorgeous.

    Go ahead and whine about the heat I could sit right there with you and whine too.

  2. Nan, I can't wait until you share photos of the daylilies! Are they all the same variety, or a mix?

    I love the photo of the geranium. What a sweet, delicate shade of pink!

    Thank you for sharing your stroll!

  3. Your garden looks very impressive Nan! I am envious of all your veggies, especially the lettuce and spinach. The rabbits here would eat that in a flash. I'm so glad you're using the 'Fresh from the..' pictures. I love having mine, too.

  4. Nan, all the green is so lush! Lovely post. I am happy to report that my second batch of tomato plants in the barrel are thriving. We should have maturity by late July or early August! The corn we planted is starting to pop up. I need to thin and re-space. No sign yet of the cucumbers, lettuce or pumpkins -- but I am hoping the warmth will help them germinate!

  5. Like Tara, I gave up vegatables because of rabbit and squirrel problems. I really miss have a vegatable garden.
    I didn't know the sheep would like maple leave so well! Learn something new every day.

  6. Hi Nan,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up and a website about cocoa mulch. I know you're a big animal lover and thought you might want to research this further.

    Linda in Chapel Hill

  7. Opps! I think I've been out in the sun too long. I forgot to list the website.

  8. Thanks, Linda for the info, but I'm all set. The dogs have no interest. The cats stay in. But you know, when I was a girl, my father bought a box of chocolates each week and gave our dog one a day. Who knew? Rusty lived to be twelve so I guess a little bit didn't hurt him.

    As much trouble as people have with rabbits, they sure are cute. We see one only very occasionally. I think the dogs keep them at bay.

  9. I love your garden! This is the first year I've ever tried one and I can see the potential for it to be wonderfully addicting! Keep up the great photos and play-by-play. :)

  10. Your garden and property look wonderful. I could climb right into some of those photos. :)


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