Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rhubarb and Spinach

This is the first food from the vegetable garden to go into the freezer. Some say to blanch first, but I just wash it, dry with a towel, and then pop it into freezer bags. I froze 19 cups. The main way I use it is in this soup (scroll down on the page).

I froze 4 more cups of rhubarb, adding to the 12 cups already in the freezer.


  1. We went to Maine recently and were given armloads of rhubarb... I mean an awful lot of it.
    We got a book, too, on how to freeze it or can it.
    Well... it's all eaten now, so that didn't work ;)

    I have a special fondness for rhubarb and I hear it talked about so rarely that posts like this are refreshing.

  2. Rhubarb is my mother's absolute favorite treat. I always make her a rhubarb pie for Mother's Day.

    She also likes coconut ice cream, and I tease her that she can't enjoy a dessert unless it has fiber in it. :)

  3. I love rhubarb but it doesn't like me, so I didn't eat it for years. Now I braise it and we have it as a vegetable, like celery, with a roast dinner. Yummy!

  4. The spinach looks so fresh and green.. There is nothing quite so fine as having food right from the garden and to the table...Rhubarb pie...one of my favorites...

  5. Hello Nan,
    De-lurking to say hello, and tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog and getting a picture of life that is in such a different part of the country it could almost be overseas! I'm in San Diego so you'll know what I mean.
    I'm a huge rhubarb fan, though for my husband, it conjures up too many memories of boarding school desserts they were forced to eat, so he can't even bear the smell of it cooking. Porridge (oatmeal) does the same thing. Sad.
    By the way, the link in your post, to spinach and soup, goes to muffins with quinoa!

  6. What a nice thing to say the elementary. Thank you.
    Bellezza, does she ever make any of the crisps or crunches? Never heard of coconut ice cream. I just eat chocolate, period.
    Nicole, you are doing the 'right' thing, because it really is a vegetable!
    Dee Dee, you are so right!
    Lesley, thanks for commenting. Sad about your husband's bad rhubarb memory. I think a lot of foods are ruined for people that way. I just added a note after the word 'soup' to scroll down the page. The soup recipe is after the muffin recipe.


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