Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Indigo: a color between blue and violet in the spectrum.

Chive flower
Mountain bluet, Siberian iris, lupin(e)
Korean lilac
Though faded, the Korean lilac is still a huge hit with the butterflies
Spiderwort (Henry Mitchell says, wirt not wort!)
Bearded iris
Siberian iris
Aster and clover
Baptisia australis, false indigo, and my favorite name - blue wild indigo


  1. Well Nan, I practically died and went to heaven just looking at your beautiful flowers...they are incredibly oh my...

  2. I wish we could grow lupines here, but they don't like Illinois. I remember loving them when we were in Wyoming. I assume our summers are too hot and humid for them.

  3. Joyce, I went and looked it up and found this:

    Lupine is a cool-season crop, and is relatively tolerant of spring frosts. The flowering process is affected by high temperatures which cause blasting of flowers and a subsequent yield reduction. In areas which normally experience high temperatures in early summer, such as many parts of southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, the risk to the crop is great.

  4. Oh my, lupine.
    They don't like the heat down here.
    Lovely, lovely ~~ just looking at your photos!


  5. The lupine are my favorite too but the color is really what grabs me. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  6. I love all of these photos Nan. A great collection of indigo.

  7. Lovely! I love lupins but have given up on them for the moment because they are always furry with monster greenfly. When my nostalgic longing for them gets too much, I'll try again!

  8. Lovely photos, Nan. My favorite is the lupine.

  9. Nan, what beautiful flowers you've got thank you for sharing with us!


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