Friday, June 27, 2008


Just before our youngest child arrived in 1985, we created a second bathroom and a bedroom upstairs from what was an attic, where one time I saw a rat. Well, all these years later, the bathroom has been repainted and wallpapered only once. That shiny new bathroom where my babies played happily in the tub has turned into an un-cleanable and tired looking space The time has come, and this summer we're (well, honestly, Tom is) doing it over. We just bought a new tub, and have decided not to get a tub-surround because it won't fit through the doors or windows, and also because I don't want those seams again. So we are going to tile the tub walls. We're going to put in a new floor, and get a pedestal sink without a cupboard underneath. We've had some trouble with mice getting in there from the back, so this will solve that problem. It isn't a big space, and we aren't making a mcmansion bathroom. No whirlpool, no walk-in shower, no separate and lovely clawfoot tub. We're going simple, but clean and new, the two most important things to me. Here are some before pictures, and I'll be posting more in-progress shots as the days go on.

The first two pictures are of a little floor closet Tom got rid of in March. It was claustrophobic to get into, and the nearby space is narrow to walk through.


  1. I see you have a little supervisor checking the work:)

  2. It will be fun to watch the progress on this project. :)

  3. Somehow I missed this post. Must've been while my folks were in town visiting.

    What a coincidence that you're re-doing your bathroom, too. We had our old tile shower torn out and replaced last month. Still waiting for a new shower door and the fixtures, but the tile is up and looks pretty. Not a McMansion remodel here, either. Just clean and leak-free!

    Next year I'd like to do exactly what you've done with our main bathroom. I don't like the shower-surround and the seams that never stay caulked. I'm want a tub with a nice tile surround. Nothing fancy. Just clean and appealing to the eye.


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