Saturday, March 15, 2008

A walk in the woods

After being fortified by the Irish soda bread, Tom and I and the dogs took off up the hill, into the woods. We haven't walked for ages because the snow has been too deep. Today the temperature was in the high 30ºs, and the snow has melted a fair bit, so we decided to go.

Beech leaf
The dogs smell a visitor in the woods
Something died here
I love the way the branches look against the sky
Tom and the dogs
Tired Sadie
Tired Ben

The tiller waiting for spring


  1. What a wonderful walk. I bet you were all tired trudging through that snow. It looked to me like you needed snowshoes. I bet the dogs will be sore tomorrow. One of those nice sores though.

  2. Beautiful!
    Snow must be a pain sometimes, but I'd have loved to see some here...

  3. Oh, sigh. What a beautiful day! Your pictures make we wish I were walking with you. The days here are very sunny and lovely but they are c-c-c-COLD (-30C or -22F) so although the sun begs at me to come and play I just c-c-c-CAN'T! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the thawing winter on my behalf. (You didn't know you were doing that for me, did you?)

  4. I love, love, love this "day in the life" photo essay, Nan!! Your photographs are so beautiful. My favorite is the leaf in the snow. It would make a fabulous book cover.


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