Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Book Passage/The World According To Bertie

They pushed the door open and entered a narrow hall. At the side of this hall was an umbrella and walking-stick stand of the sort which is always to be seen in country houses - a jumble of cromachs [a Scottish walking stick with a crooked handle similar to an Irish shillelagh], a couple of golf umbrellas; and to the side, along with a boot scraper, mud-encrusted Wellingtons, a pair of hiking boots for a child, a tossed-aside dog collar and lead.
Alexander McCall Smith, The World According To Bertie

Round Hill by Pam Braun, 1998


  1. I like this quote and the picture just invites you inside.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. It was just so British to me. I have bought some of Pam Braun's notecards, including this one. I love her work.

  3. What a lovely picture! I'm going to look out for work by this artist. The cat and dog remind me of ours, now sadly gone, who were constant companions, with the newly-arrived black and white kitten regarding the (male) dog as her surrogate mother.


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