Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quote du jour/Castle Freeman, Jr.

More than any of the other eleven, March is the test month. It is the most sensitive indicator among the months of what the characteristic local climate and weather are. It is like a quivering, poised needle, which a few miles of latitude or a few hundred feet of elevation can tip back into winter or release into indubitable spring.
Castle Freeman, Jr. - Spring Snow


  1. Oh, how true! Unfortunately the needle keeps falling back into winter. Today is grey, drizzly and cold...again! We have been teased here in KS with a sprinkling of days in the high 50's and beautiful blue skies only to slide back into 30/40's, overcast and wind, wind and more wind. The few daffodils are not looking too perky today, rather more like they wish they could hide their wee faces once again. Hard to believe Spring has sprung, Easter is past and baseball season starts Sunday. And then there's the reality that once spring does settle on us it will zip into full blown hot and we'll be whining about that! Can't win. ;)

  2. You may be getting a snowy day today- we are--but the snow pack is shrinking--spring is coming and we'll appreciate it all the more for the wait.

  3. Are you the 'anonymous' who wrote me at the beginning of the month, for me to read but not to post?? And who just left a comment on the feather? Your poor daffs!

    Ah, yes, Beth, it is snowing, but very lightly. Again, the southern part of the area is getting more.

  4. No, I'm not that anonymous. I have only posted once before. It's not that I need to stay anonymous, I just don't have a blog or anything else that would identify me. :) Today was another grey one and cool, but I see a few bits of yellow on my forsythia and trees beginning to unfurl their buds a bit. Can spring be far? Pray not. Stacey

  5. Oh, thanks, Stacey, for writing back!! Now, I'll know who you are. Not anon. but stacey in ks. I cannot imagine yellow. :<)


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