Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two distinctions

A dictionary defines distinction:

excellence that sets someone or something apart from others

In just the past few days, I have read of two that have been bestowed upon New Hampshire. One is that it is the safest state in the country. This is based on crime rates in the worst crime categories. The second is that New Hampshire has the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in the country: 4.03 gallons a year. The closest to it is Washington, D.C. at 3.84.

Go figure.


  1. Wilhelm and I were heading to the White Mountains a few years back and got a kick out of your quaint New Hampshire habit of selling alcohol at the highway rest stops.


  2. "quaint" - great, Mary!

    People come from all over because the prices are cheaper. Maybe that's why New Hampshire-ites drink so much because those stores are all outlets, the cost is low, and there is so much choice. The stores are huge.

  3. Huh. Interesting is right. Do you think people in cold climates drink more than those in more temperate ones?

  4. Who knows, Tara? There is the stereotype of the tropical folks drinking all day. And the cold climate folks drinking for fortification. I just don't know. At first we wondered if the data is skewed because of the number of people who come from out of state to buy cheaper, but then we thought they must have taken that into account. I'd definitely like to know more.


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