Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mille Grazie!

I am writing to thank each one of you who wrote such nice notes on my birthday. They mean so much to me. As you may have seen, I responded to the first few, but then the day(s) got busy, so I'm going to reply to the rest of them here.

Bonnie, I'll go to that site and try and find you. :<) Thank you for your kindness about my mother. Nice to know there are daffs in bloom somewhere. Ha! (as my friend, Kay says)

Margaret, that was so true. We are lucky to have reached this age.

Joanne, thank you. I love the idea of celebrating "the little things that fill our days."

Thank you, Cath. Gee, think of me at 120! Why not?!

Wish you could have been here, too, dear Aisling. Someday, I hope.

Thank you, Mari-Nanci. It was a wonderful day.

Jeanne, thanks so much. I like that: "wonderful journey along the coming year's path." A friend once said her year began on her birthday, and I like that.

Joanne in Ontario, wow, what a nice thing to say. So good to hear from you.

Nancy, does this mean you are a Pisces, too? Do we share a name, and an astrological sign?

K, when in April is 'your' day? Thanks for your nice words.

Anita, thanks so much.

Tara, thank you, and I didn't see the Oscar song, but I bet I can find it on youtube. I am so happy they won.

Patrice, that's a great idea to "wrap your arms around it (the year) and call it your own."

Robin, I was amazed to find the Emerson quote which went along so well with what I was trying to say. Thanks for your wishes.

Barbara, how nice to 'see' you. I did have a great day.

Thanks for your kind words, Kris. I hope my mother would feel that way. I'm looking forward to flowers myself, but gee, it will be a while.

Wendy, thanks so much. Good to have you stop by.

Lynda, thank you so much.

A bouquet for my dear, gentle readers.
Love, Nan


  1. ooooohhh! I missed your special day!!!!!!

    So Happy Belated Birthday Dear Nan!!!!

    You are a very bright spot in my life!


  2. What a splendid bouquet! Yes, I am a Pisces, too -- and it fits me to a tee in every way. My birthday is the 14th. :)

  3. How happy I am that you show the Swedish colours on your page.
    Lovely spring flowers makes me think Spring is on its way.
    Like your blog.
    Hugs Eva Ages
    PS Found you on Mia's page.

  4. As are you in mine, dear Laura!

    Nancy, the flowers are part of a bouquet from Tom's sisters. It was so beautiful. My cousin's b-day is the 14th, too.

    Eva Agnes, welcome! And thanks for telling me how you found me. I just visited Mia's yesterday for the first time, having found her from Heidi's blog. I love all these connections. I'll be over to Sweden to visit soon. :<)

  5. What beautiful friends, indeed! I'm sorry I missed your day (I find myself acres away from an accessible computer these days) but I'm glad it was sufficiently lit and warmed for you by so many wonderful people. I'm glad to have met you and love the sunshine that your blog (and therefore thee!) is. :)


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