Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today's picture/Who needs a beach in Florida?

Plenty of sun right here in the north for these two! Check out the nose marks on the glass. :<)


  1. After months of snow and frigid cold here in northern Canada when I see the sun on my kitchen floor I'm tempted to do the same :)Great shot and I've enjoyed reading your very interesting blog.

  2. Anyone with animals or small children in the house will feel right at home with those marks on the window. I do occasionally lay down with Luna in front of the patio doors when the sun is shining in. It feels so good specially this time of year.

  3. Miss Annie and I got outside for a walk today. It was gorgeous and not too cold (40). It won't be long now, will it!! I can hardly wait for spring to arrive.

    Great picture, as always.

  4. Love those sacked out dogs!
    I'd love to join in on that nap.
    We have everything turning into
    color as Spring arrives in the South.
    It won't be long up there!


  5. My doors look the same plus I have kitty nose prints too.

  6. that looks like the perfect place for a "dog nap"

  7. Great photo. One of our cats just adores the sun and can be found soaking it up in one particular window whenever possible. We've got lots of nose marks on the windows here too. Oh and thanks for the visit.


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