Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today's cd/Worrisome Heart

Did you happen to hear the NPR interview with Melody Gardot the other day? Her new cd is called Worrisome Heart, and you may listen to her wonderful voice here. She was hit by a car when she was nineteen, four years ago. It left her with many, many problems, such as sensitivity to light and sound and short term memory loss. Because of her physical problems, she gave up the piano for the guitar, and began music therapy on the advice of her doctor. This album is the result. She's a genuinely nice woman who said she doesn't forget her good fortune:

I'm not one to wake up in the morning and forget that, Gardot says. I forget a lot of things, but I don't forget that.

Her songs are gentle, meaningful, and inspirational. A wonderful new talent with a great future ahead.


  1. What a lovely, mellow, thoughtful sound in her voice and music! I'm listening to it as I type. Thank you for this, Nan!

  2. You're welcome, Colleen! I'm so very pleased you like her.

  3. These are just the kind of stories which strengthen my heart. (Plus, on a totally superficial note, I adore her red lipstick!)

  4. Bellezza, you don't know how it pleases me to read a comment on something I wrote days ago. :<) I think you will love her work. I 'gifted' her album from iTunes to my daughter. She is such a good young artist.


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