Monday, March 3, 2008

At home with squirrels

These are red squirrel tracks between the woodpile and the wood splitter. We aren't sure if one or both places are "home" or how many squirrels are making the tracks. I just love the way they look and the circle they make. And see how deep they are! That's from running back and forth. We have a lot of deer tracks in the fields but the squirrels live quite close to the house since they eat from the bird feeders.


  1. I love it, the way they use the same path! Smart critters, hu?

  2. I have squirrels too and I love them!! Home is probably the wood pile and they store snacks under the log splitter .

  3. Happy belated birthday Nan !! You write so beautifully, I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Much happiness from across the world, from our late summer days and mellow light ...


  4. Yes, those squirrels are always busy busy.

  5. Mari-Nanci, I was actually going to write a while ago about the farm animals' paths, and how they pretty much follow the same ones.
    Patti, now we are a bit concerned about using up the woodpile. Tom's going to take a better look and see what's up.
    Ngaio, thanks so much. You're in the late summer and I'm in the late winter. We thought about getting bees this year but have decided to put it off for at least a year, and concentrate on what needs to be done around here- like a new flower garden.
    Lisa, they are busy and never seem to stop.

  6. Happy belated birthday from me too, Nan. I've been enjoying your snow photos - we haven't had any this winter and the dogs do miss it.


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