Friday, June 20, 2008

Today's picture/footbridge

This is the footbridge of my childhood. I crossed it to head downtown or overstreet. When I had a companion who hadn't been on it before, I'd stand in the middle and shake it back and forth. Those mesh sides weren't there when I was a kid, but no one ever jumped or fell off, to my knowledge.


  1. Obviously you don't suffer from vertigo! I would have to crawl across it and if you shook it, I would probably punch you when we got to the other side. So to speak. Ha!

  2. Making me feel a little giddy just looking at it... I'm with Kay: without meshing, I would have had to crawl too...

  3. Ew, kewl! Can you bounce up and down too?

    When we were kids, my brother and I took great pleasure in bouncing across a wooden swing bridge at Fall Creek Falls park everytime we visited! :D

  4. Your new header is beautiful!

    I just found your comment from June 9 on my blog - I don't know how I could miss it. Yes, I've read Diary of a Nobody, but it is so long ago that I need to dig it out again. I can see why you thought of it when talking of Jerome K. Jerome. As for Three Men in a Boat, you can find it, and many more of Jerome's books at Gutenberg. The disadvantage with Gutenberg is that you need a computer or some other device to read the books. It's not the same as a real book!

  5. Lovely, absolutely gorgeous
    flower. AND what a footbridge!
    I had sidewalks on Long Island
    to school!


  6. Wow. You are brave! I'd still feel all weird going over it with the sides up. I have a terrible fear of heights!


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