Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today's poem - The Wash by James Hayford

The Wash
by James Hayford

Already on the line
Sunning and well astir,
The wash'll be dry by nine
Or earlier.

The catbird in the bush
Is helping things along;
He gives the air a push
With his mad song.

You may find two other Hayford poems I have featured here and here.

I've just begun hanging clothes again, and though there isn't a catbird, the song sparrow who returned this week is doing a wonderful job of giving "the air a push." Isn't that the best image?!


  1. I read this this morning and thought of it as I hung my clothes out. I do not have a catbird either. But I do have a tufted titmouse and Carolina wren that serenade me while out in the yard.
    Do you mind if I print this poem to hang in my laundry room? I think it is just about perfect.

  2. Oh, please, please do. Better yet, here's the title of his book - Knee-Deep in Blazing Snow. Oh, how I love it. He should be much better known.

  3. Nan, I just sent you an email about clotheslines and books, but it came back to me. I wanted to share a poem with you as well that you might want to use for another post...we can never get enough of your quotes/books/posts!

  4. I do love that! Thanks.


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