Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today's cd/She & Him

She & Him
Volume One

When it comes right down to it, what I love most is sweet love songs, whether jazz or pop. I listen to other kinds of music. I appreciate deep, dark, serious stuff, but at the end of the day, what lifts my heart is a cheery song with a good beat. She & Him Volume One is just the ticket for me. She is the actress, Zooey Deschanel, and Him is the musician M. Ward, and together they make some of the happiest music I've heard in a while. As it fills my house, there's a smile on my face and a little dancing in my feet. They do some originals, and some covers such as, You've Really Got A Hold On Me and I Should Have Known Better. Each song is special and wonderful. You may read more about them and hear some songs at their myspace.

I remember when I first saw the movie, Annie Hall, I was so impressed with Diane Keaton singing, and wished she would do an album. I bet now she would. Maybe it's not too late. Maybe she'll read this very blog, and say, why not? :<)


  1. I know I just read a great review of this CD. Maybe Newsweek?? I'm at work and can't check. (And, you may ask, what am I doing reading blogs at work?! I'm waiting on some musicians to show up for rehearsal. :))

  2. I'm another one who recently learned about this cd. I guess now that I've heard about it in multiple places that I'd better download myself a copy, eh?

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. And I just signed on to a challenge to "buy nothing" for the month of April! Oh, the temptation. I guess I'll have to start a list of things to think about buying in May.

  4. Joyce, I can go without buying books because there is a library and I have a lot I haven't read, but music is like air and water to me - absolutely essential, and I can justify buying because I play it over and over again for years. Sprite, this is such a good cd. I just love it.

  5. You always introduce me to good music. I passed this on to my four going to Chapel Hill tonight to hear someone? Need to find out who that was....Saying ? or something like that! I feel old. I use to know all the groups!

    I'm getting better by the way!

  6. This is amazing as I was just going on-line to download this CD. I read about it in the Globe and decided I had to have it.

    With your recommendation, my fingers are going walking!

  7. Nan,

    I sent this to my 3rd son who is at Appalachain State , a freshman. Here's his response:

    I saw M. Ward (the male of the group) perform his solo music in Asheville last spring. He's got some pipes. And I'm sure she does too.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    From Evan Buckingham
    via his Mom Bonnie

  8. I'm going to iTunes right now to see if I can buy it.

    Oh, and a church down the street from us is having Elizabeth Von Trapp come for a concert this week. I wish you could come!


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