Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quote du jour/Tamasin Day-Lewis

Other people are prepared to put so much effort into other areas of their lives. I mean, nobody says it's wrong to go out shopping for hours on end. People go to salons and have their bodies mucked about with and have their hair and nails done. But five or six nights a week, they come home and they don't want to cook when it takes only half an hour to make a good supper. It's actually quite a relaxing thing to do at night.
Tamasin Day-Lewis


  1. I love them, too, Anita! I wonder if they are Gloucester Old Spots. I would so enjoy having a pig about the place.

  2. Great quote and I couldn't agree more. I love to cook (as you know) and find it very relaxing.

  3. I wish someone could explain to me the modern fetish for designer kitchens, especially for people who brag they don't know how to cook. It's so decadent it's scary.

    How simple and rewarding it is to cook using fresh ingredients and trying new recipes as well as tried and true ones. And how easy it is to master the basics and learn to love cooking!

    Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century. Thanks for this post, Nan.

  4. I'll have to say, your little goat friend is really staring me down when I come to your site. "Remember, you're on MY TURF, and I have HORNS!"

  5. Thank you all! I do love this quote, and find it so true. It has been a real change for my daughter going out into the world of more mainstream eating. She tells me how people don't have ingredients to cook with. I know that more women are working outside the home, but still lots of meals don't take so long, and it can be just a part of one's evening - and a very nice part. We seem to be able to find time for most things except moving our bodies and eating well. Night Stranger, it's got to be conspicuous consumption. "come see my granite counters and floors from some South American country, and my enormous fridge, oh and we'll have a catered or take out meal." Joyce, don't you worry about little Esther. She is harmless as far as people are concerned but a big danger if she gets out and starts chomping on trees or bushes. Tom has been strengthening the fences this vacation because last year Esther and Bracelet (they arrived at our place with names) did a fair bit of damage.

  6. I'm with you and all - love this quote!

  7. I love Esther the goat!
    Seeing her photo makes me long to keep goats again....
    Tamasin Day-Lewis is a heroine of mine, so sensible and wise. How true that one can cook quite remarkable meals in a mere half an hour. And it is relaxing, not to mention creative!

  8. Tamsin Day-Lewis used to have an excellent cookery programme on TV which has now disappeared of course. Everything that's any good seems to. She always seemed very down to earth as this quote proves. I don't know if she still does but she used to live somewhere in the Taunton area, not far from here.


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