Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pasture Water

Tom is our guest commentator today, as he was here and here.

There are many signs of spring, but none as convincing as the pasture water coming back. Since the source of the water is just a shallow pool which catches the runoff from our spring, in late November or early December it freezes up for the winter. From then until now I haul water in buckets from the house. I don't really mind the chore; it's just part of the daily routine. But it is nice when the running water returns. The water comes into our old cast iron tub via plastic pipe laid on top of the ground. Every year when the snow melts I go up the hill and make any repairs needed, encouraging the water from the pool through the various sections of pipe and, finally, into the tub. The flow is strong and steady in April and May, and then settles down to a thinner stream during the drier months of the summer. The barn animals, as you might expect, welcome the event--the water is flowing and fresh all day. It's noisy and doesn't freeze up at night. But it is the chickens who seem to enjoy it the most. They gather "downstream" of the tub's overflow and linger even after they surely don't need any more drink. It must be the taste of fresh spring water.


  1. Love seeing the chickens. The tub in the pasture reminds me of when I was a little girl and it was my job at my Grandparent farm to go into the pasture, prime the pump and fill the water trough for the animals. I sometimes had trouble priming the pump. Now there are houses built in that pasture. Booo

  2. Very interesting post and I love the picture of the chickens!!!!! You and your husband sound like you have lots of fun together on your farm!

    Also, thanks for sending Leslie the link to my blog...I love her blog too!!! I could spend the whole day there!

  3. I love your tub! And your chickens look so happy.
    I'm glad you got a copy of MaryJane's magazine. Her magazines are always beautiful and full of wonderful things. I don't have one yet! I am waiting rather inpatiently for my copy to come in the mail. :(
    Now that I know this is the issue my pinkeeper is in, waiting is going to be agony! Aargh.

  4. It may sound silly but I've never thought of chickens drinking water, slurping away with their beaks. It's a sunny whimsical image to me. :)

  5. that's just the type of tub we used to use for watering our horses, a long while ago. I love the chickens. Barred Rock? I miss having chickens around.



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