Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mrs Bale's mid-April weather report

Mrs Bale prefers to avert her eyes from the window this Sunday afternoon, so she doesn't see this.

Or see this information on the computer:

36º, feels like 28º, light snow shower, 10 mph wind from the WNW, 64% humidity, and 7 miles visibility.


  1. I know exactly how Mrs. Bale feels, our weather here is much the same.

  2. Oooooooooouch!!!

    'Tis cooler here, than yesterday. But it's 49. And we had a couple of measly tries at snow showers, in amid the April showers this morning. But I do believe we're faring better than you, today. :-)


  3. and I was feeling sorry for us "feels like 31" degreers here in Central NY! I can empathize!

  4. We had flurries yesterday, too. It warmed up today, however, and was a beautiful sunny day. Should reach the 70s this coming week!! Hello, spring!


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