Thursday, April 17, 2008

At this moment

What I saw: my water glass and my Reeve Lindbergh book. The chickadees, juncos, and nuthatches finishing up the last of the bird food. When they're empty, I'll take down the sunflower and suet feeders, but will leave the thistle. We did that last year, and I think it kept the goldfinches living here all summer. The reason we remove the other feeders this time of year is that the bears are waking up, and they do love to raid bird feeders. We've not had any visitors, but I sure don't want to draw them either. They are definitely in the neighborhood.

What I heard: those aforementioned birds, and the chickens clucking away in the barn.

What I smelled: the fresh air of spring.

What I tasted: my water.

What I felt: the warmth of the air - our warmest day so far, with temps in the low seventies.

I so enjoyed your comments last time I posted an 'at this moment', and I would love to read your own. It is a nice way to stop and really pay attention.

Addendum: A reader has just let me know that there is a wonderful article, with terrific pictures, on Reeve Lindbergh in today's New York Times. You may read it here.


  1. I was thinking, what a beautiful, peaceful setting. Then I read "bears"! And I worry about the occasional possum getting in our trash cans....

  2. At this moment I am thinking 'WOW at least I don't have to worry about bears in OK'!

  3. At this moment, I've come inside for a moment to cool down and have a glass of ice water after an hour and a half in the "blistering" April sunshine, working in a rose garden. (It's 70 degrees, which feels like 100 at this time of year!)

    I'm also wishing I'd been as wise as you and taken my feeders down sooner. A black bear demolished one of mine last night. In spring, summer and autumn we keep feeders outdoors all day, except suet, bringing them in at dusk.

    She was lovely, though, so big and black.

  4. You guys are very funny! We haven't seen one on our land for a while, but just up the road where we get our blueberries in the summer, the people have had them come right up on their deck. Yes, "them." They tear apart feeders, and have been known to break a window or a door in an attempt to get food in this part of the world. Our Sadie and Ben probably help keep them away. Joyce, do you read Take Joy! Go here to see some possum pics:

  5. Yikes. Bears scare me. I can't imagine living somewhere where they can come up on my deck, break a window and try to get into the house!

    We're cold again today. It's only 43 and very rainy. Annie and I just got back from our brisk walk. I'm ready to put on some warm, cozy sweats and curl up with my book (The Shadow of the Wind).

    I can't wait to hear how you like the Lindbergh book. I started one of hers last month, but was reading something else at the same time and got distracted. I need to devote time to read it by itself.

  6. At this moment I am sitting in my room with the window open. The sun is in the west and is still brilliant. I can see below the window the flower bed that DB and I cleaned today. A Chipping Sparrow is sitting in the Forest Pansy Redbud tree singing his heart out. I can smell the lawn someone in the neighborhood is mowing. I can also hear children yelling at one another and lots of traffic noise including a train whistle in the distance. The soft spring breeze and warmth it brings into the room is worth all the noise.

  7. Her first husband was Richard Brown, the photographer of Tasha Tudor's books?


  8. Thanks for the links to the Lindbergh articles, which I found fascinating, as I know next to nothing about the family.

    At the moment as I'm writing this I can see out of my window that today is promising to be fine (although the forecast is for rain), I can hear birds, the computer is whirring softly,and the central heating boiler is clonking - I hope it's not going to be a problem! Soon I'll be smelling and tasting my breakfast.

    No bears around here today (or any other day). The only things that raid the birdfeeders are squirrels - not quite in the same league and I like to see them!

  9. Nan, Wow, we have approached the 70s, but I don't think we've quite made it there. What a "balmy" day. I loved your little glimpse of that quiet, peaceful moment in your life. Very nice. :)


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