Monday, April 28, 2008

A change is as good as a rest

Well, the past week I had both. It was Tom's April vacation. The weather was absolutely perfect. Warm, with a little breeze, and sunny every single day. We did a lot of outdoor stuff, got together with great friends, visited a museum and went on a house tour with a dear cousin. Tom walked the land with a forester in anticipation of some more logging work. Apparently the zillions of balsam firs we have are now very "bankable" and we can make a bit of money from them. We are going with a different logger this time; one who has a chipper because we would like to clear some paths of slash, so we can more easily walk through the woods. We bought a new cell phone, with one of those great "qwerty" boards that slides out from the main phone. I can take pictures and use my iTunes songs for ringtones.

What I didn't do much was read my books or blogs. I have missed a lot of your news, but I'll catch up this week. I did manage to jot a few things down here, but I still want to write about the museum and house tour.

So, today it is back to normal, which is very fine, too. Today's cd is playing on repeat all day, chickpeas are cooking in the crock pot for a hummus supper, the washer is humming away, I'm doing some cleaning, and the dogs are mostly sleeping, all tuckered out from their busy outdoor week.


  1. You did have perfect weather for recreation! And what a change from last week is this one...but we desperately needed the rainshowers so I'm grateful for them.

  2. It sounds as if you had a great week. And that's all that matters. Not to worry about blogging. Or about reading/commenting. Not one bit!


  3. That sounds like a lovely week, Nan.

  4. (I love humus.) Sounds like a lovely day. :) I also really like your goat in the header!


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