Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What is it?

This is on the base of our outdoor table, and I wonder if anyone knows what it might be. It seems like an egg collection, but I've never seen anything like it.


  1. Nan- They look as though they might be moth eggs. Wow, they are pretty cool! Unless you aren't fond of moths. :)

  2. INteresting cluster of eggs. I don't know what they are either. It would be interesting to see what hatches.

  3. I think they're spider eggs *shudder* ... I've seen them like that before.

  4. Thank you all.
    Lynda, I like spiders so that would be fine with me. I always think of Charlotte in Charlotte's Web with all those little babies crawling around and Charlotte herself dead. My kids think I'm crazy, especially my arachnophobic daughter. :<)

  5. It does look like a cluster of spider eggs. ::shudder:: I don't just have a dislike of spiders, but a phobia. I know they're beneficial in the garden and all, but I think I'd rather have the pests than the spiders! :)


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