Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tools of the trade/Sprouts

The equipment: Wheat berries, a jar, and a top with holes.

Soak the wheat berries in tepid water overnight.

Drain off the water, and rinse the berries twice daily with cold water. Three days later, I have sprouts which I'll add to bread to give a sweet flavor and chewy texture.


  1. It looks yummy--another something to try--I think I'll start the sprouts mid-week so I can bake the bread over the weekend. Thanks for the idea.

  2. How delicious that sounds!

    And especially nice, because doing your own sprouts, has to be safe.

    I've stopped eating spouts they want to put on bistro sandwiches, since reading that commercial sprouts can be notttt goooood.


  3. I just popped over to say hello after reading your kind comments on my blog. What a great variety of subjects you cover - as random as mine - I love your pictures and writing style.

    The sprouted wheat berries in the bread dough sound good. I must try to make some.

  4. oops Blogger just blew me out ... trying again ...

    I remember my mom telling me about something similar they did when she was a girl, though I don't remember that she actually did it when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing this!


  5. This would be a fun project for us! Do you think it would work if I put them in a bowl with wrap on top that I punch holes in?

  6. Well, what do you know? I just did this about a week and a half ago and BOY was the bread good. The taste was just awesome! And it was fun to see the wheat berries get all "sproutified". Did you like how it turned out?


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