Friday, April 25, 2008

Garden Notes/Daffs, squills, daylilies

The first daffodil bloomed today. I looked back a couple years and found the earliest blossoms were on May 5, so we are a little earlier this year. Tom tilled the garden on April 23, and yesterday, the 24th I put in a little row of shallots. The Siberian squill was the first flower to open here, maybe a week ago. I ordered it from Old House Gardens a few years back. If you have any interest in heirloom plants, this is a wonderful place to visit (and buy from!). I just ordered some dahlias from them prompted by reading a post on the Soliloquy blog.

Tom cut down the old maple we've always thought of as a sort of faux-maple. It was between the two big sugar maples, but it never grew. It has been pretty much the same height since we moved here in 1981. The reason we decided to cut it down is because when Tom built the patio, he had to move a bunch of orange daylilies. He planted them along our road, and without even planning to do so, he planted 55, the age he was that year. They haven't bloomed because of the shade from that little maple so we both thought, let's remove it. I'm eager to see a drift of that beautiful orange color as we drive into the yard.

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