Friday, April 11, 2008

Quote du jour/Peter Gzowski

We need spring. We need it desperately and, usually, we need it before God is willing to give it to us.
Peter Gzowski (1934-2002)


  1. Peter was a real gem, and he is sorely missed.


  2. Donna, I feel the same. Some of my favorite times were in the morning after my little ones went to school, and I'd listen to Morningside. He and Shelagh Rogers gave me so much pleasure and knowledge. He introduced me to the Barenaked Ladies way before they were famous. :<)

  3. I do miss spring... every year it gets shorter and shorter, and it is easily my favourite season...

  4. I miss Peter Gzowski.

    I was at a used book sale last night and saw a book written by him about a survival in the snow. I didn't get it but it made me think of him, and now your post. Strange.

  5. YES! Peter Gzowski was a much-loved Canadian broadcaster, writer and this quote and second his sentiments!
    Today does seem like a Spring day though as the birds are celebrating the warmer weather....that's good enough for me!
    Happy Spring Nan!
    Joanne in Ontario

  6. There's nothing like the sudden rush of spring - these next few weeks are precious.

  7. With snow falling again today, we also need spring here, in Atlantic Canada. I love this photo of Peter Gzowski. I felt a sense of personal loss when he passed away, and I have to say that CBC has not been quite the same without him.

  8. Peter was another one of our national treasures.

  9. Yessssssssss we do need spring!

    I've taken to copying pics of flowers, from last spring. And typing 'Think Spring' in different spring like colors on my blog. LOL


  10. reminds me of a robert forst poem`1
    Thank you1

  11. This couldn't have been more true here this weekend - ugh!

  12. I still miss my dear Peter.



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