Thursday, January 3, 2008

Today's poem - January Night by James Hayford

January Night
by James Hayford

The shiny trodden snow
In harsh illumination,
So cold your boot soles creak;
The houses double-glassed
Against the searching blast –
These things you may have classed
Under the heading, Bleak.

Fact is, the snow was trod
By people warmly shod
And coated – none in mink –
Sashaying to and fro
Betwixt the stores, the station,
Tavern, and house of God.
And this bright, crowded rink.


  1. Hi Nan - I just totally enjoyed myself catching up on all of your posts. I love all the Christmas decorations you shared! And thanks for all the reading ideas. I wanted to thank you too for posting about the Louise Penny books awhile ago - I've read two of them now - I am totally in love with the people and town!!

    Best wishes for the new year!!

  2. Oh, Kris thank you! And I love your new Christmas tree. What a great idea. Did you know LP has a blog? It is listed on my sidebar, and is called Louise Penny. And happy new year to you!

  3. I very much like this! It sounds so Canadian to me. :)

  4. Thanks, Colleen. Northern New England and Quebec are very much the same in terms of weather.


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