Saturday, January 5, 2008

Book Report/My Senator and Me

My Senator and Me
By Senator Edward M. Kennedy
Illustrated by David Small
Published 2006
Children's picture book

This is the first book I read for the Young Readers Challenge. I bought it after seeing Senator Kennedy on Book TV. He was talking to a group of children, and it struck me that he was in his element; relaxed, cheery, funny, and a big hit with the kids. And how could I resist that dog?! He is a Portuguese Water Dog, named Splash, and here he is in David Small's excellent drawing, and then in a photo of the real fellow.

The book tells the reader where Splash, aka, Champion Amigo's Seventh Wave, came from, and then we get a little visual tour of Washington, D.C. as the dog comes home. Soon another pup is added to the household and she is called Sunny.

I'm teaching her everything she needs to know about Washington.

Yes, the book is told from the dog's eye view, and is so delightful. Thus, it becomes a painless way for a child to begin learning about our government and how it works, and not a bad refresher for the parent reading the book, either. I learned or relearned a few things myself. :<) The heart of the book follows the Senator around as he goes about his daily duties, accompanied, of course, by Splash. At a conference committee meeting, when things are getting a bit argumentative, Splash decides to step in.

It is time to do something. "WOOF! WOOF!" They suddenly stop shouting. The room is completely quiet.
Then my Senator starts to laugh. And everyone else starts to laugh. I think I understand what I was getting at. Working together, cooperating with each other, they finally work out a bill they can agree on.

Of course we know this doesn't really happen, but wouldn't it be a good idea? Add a dog or two and almost any situation can become happier.

In case you read the book and think you might like a Portuguese Water Dog for yourself and your family, you may read more about them at the American Kennel Club site.


  1. The first time I saw a P. Water dog was when we were cruising with my dad ten years ago. We were at Friday Harbor (San Juan Islands) and the boat next to us had a PW dog. Smart dog!! And very loveable.

  2. At my age any dog that is described as "robust" or "lots of stamina" makes me cringe. Ha... No I am not quite ready for a lap dog but I bet these dogs are full of energy and need a big lake or ocean to romp in to be happy.

  3. It is, Maggie!
    Les, I'll bet it is the perfect dog for boaters.
    Lisa, I would think they'd need water. It wouldn't seem fair if they didn't get to swim.


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