Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Garden Notes/Tomatoes/Zinnias, Cleome, Cosmos

One of my intentions in having a blog is to use it as a gardening reference; what I've planted, what has worked, etc. Well, today I had an idea. I'm going to start putting down ideas under the label of Garden Notes. Then I can click on it, and see my lists. I think this will be a quick and easy way to keep track. I wish I'd done it last year, but c'est la vie.

As you may have read, I've listened to Dear Mr Jefferson: Letters From a Nantucket Gardener a few times, and I want to grow some of the plants Laura Simon mentions.

Roma tomatoes, Jet Star tomatoes, lots of zinnias.
Start cleome and cosmos in different flats, since cleome grows much slower.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the Garden Notes posts if you have opinions on any of the plants mentioned.


  1. I planted Cleome directly seeded in place 6 years ago and still get volunteers in the most unusual places. It is kind of fun seeing where they will pop up. They are easy to control with a little tug here and there.

  2. Lisa what zone are you in? We have the Autumn Joy which we moved twice before it found a permanent home, and it wasn't affected at all. Made of tough stuff, those sedums. I'm so delighted with the AJ that I thought it might be fun to try a couple others. Are you reading the Garden Bloggers' Book Club book, too? It is just wonderful.

  3. I live in zone 6b. I too have Autumn Joy sedum. It is a tough plant. I have a couple others that I can't remember what cultivar they are. One was a pass along plant and has lavender blooms, ONe is tall and has redish leaves and the blooms aren't very spectacular. I just liked the foilage, and the other has varigated leaves. It is about to go back to being autumn joy so that must be one of the parent plants.

    I started the GBBC book. I was really enjoying it but then I got side tracked when a friend handed me 'Sacred Featers'. She knew my attachment to feathers and thought I would like it. She was right of course.


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