Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Of Primary Importance

I have read that 2008 is an auspicious year. The synonyms for auspicious are:

favorable, propitious, promising, rosy, good, encouraging; opportune, timely, lucky, fortunate, providential, felicitous, advantageous

Aren't those wonderful words? Each one of them holds such promise, such hope, such joy. And today, just eight days into this auspicious year, the New Hampshire primary takes place. I truly don't believe that in all the years of our country, there has been such a primary. There is more diversity, more choice than there has ever been before. In this little state, the very best of democracy has been happening every day for months. In each little town and big city, in small halls and in high school auditoriums, with hundreds in the audience or only fifty, these candidates have talked to us. My satellite dish doesn't offer the main NH television station, so I haven't seen any negative ads. I have heard no bashing. One can see and hear the person and make up one's own mind without any advertising. If we close our eyes, we can almost time-travel back to a day when the media didn't have so much to do with an election. I see more young people interested and involved than I have in a long time. They carry signs, they go to see the candidates, they get the passion for involvement that is so necessary to a democracy. A young seventh grader came up to Tom just yesterday, held up her hand, and said, "this hand has shaken the hand of Bill Clinton!" Well, regardless of our own personal opinions of the man, he was our former President, and how very, very amazing for a young girl to be thrilled by shaking his hand. Honestly, it brings tears of hope to my eyes.

The person I support will most likely not win, but my world, and this world, and this election is better for his candidacy. And I really feel this way about each and every candidate, regardless of party. Each person has something to say, a bit of a different slant on what should be done in the country. I can't help but think my new hero, John Adams, would be very pleased. I certainly am.

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  1. Good for you, getting out to vote. I wish we had a primary here, but it is a caucus and I have to work. I don't know if that's the best way to do things ie. it excludes people, esp. people with young children who would have to get a babysitter. 49 degrees! Wow!


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