Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mrs Bale can't complain

Mrs Bale really can't complain about the weather. It was a marvelously snowy December. January has been a regular winter month, with some snow - but not much, cold weather, thaw, colder weather, some gray days, but a lot of sunshine. My skiing husband and snowboarding children have had a great time. I don't venture out too much, mostly to the bird feeders or to the car, but I still love it. I take deep breaths of the cold, crisp air and feel alive.

When I went out this morning to take some pictures, there was a treat in the north pasture.

The fir tree under the maple is our Christmas tree. Tom tied it onto some branches to give a little shelter to the birds and squirrels that visit the bird feeders.


  1. Oh Nan! I really loves these photos! You'd think I'd get tired of snow pictures, wouldn't you? :) But your trees are so nice and big and beautiful. We have wee stubborn scrappy little trees - Charlie Brown Christmas trees most of them - so yours are a treat. Don't you just love how that cold clears out all the flotsam and jetsam from your insides?

  2. Those are wonderful photos and what
    a beautiful place you live! Winter.
    We're trying to have some of that in the South!


  3. How lovely to have the morning free to go out to the pasture. As much as I love teaching, I envy you that...

  4. Colleen, I almost wrote that it clears the brain, but I like 'flotsam and jetsam' infinitely better. I'd like to come up and see your winter.

    Bonnie, a lot of people couldn't stand this weather. :<) I just happen to be a fan.

    Bellezza, I'm such a home person and am lucky we can afford for me to do this, though our house would sure look better and we would travel more if I did work outside. :<)

  5. I am glad that Mrs Bale approves of the winter weather. There isn't much she can do about it.

    I like winter. Even the cold snowy gray days. Like you say though it seems like we have had lots of sunny days. This makes it even better with those "feels like Minus something" days.

    Your trees must be huge since your christmas tree is dwarfed by the big tree it is beside. I am sure the birds appreciate that evergreen to get into.

  6. Those are the things that take your breath away. We frequently see deer in pastures and meadows in our area, but it seems I seldom have my camera with me at those times, of course.

  7. Beautiful as always. We've been cold and gloomy and wet. Most depressing. Yesterday was finally clear and what do I have, a cold and stuffy nose. Can't go outside. :(


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