Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mrs Bale is so pleased to announce

Mrs Bale is just thrilled that the January thaw continues. My computer says 49º, but the north side thermometer reads 60º, and the east side one, which has been in the sun, is at 80º!! The sun is shining, the ice and snow are melting, and the mud is on the road. I know, I know it won't last, but I'm one who enjoys the weather as it comes, and it sure is a beautiful day today.


  1. Well hello Nan!

    So glad you enjoyed a beautiful day today! Over the weekend we had raindrops, but I must admit I truly enjoyed the showers and the chilliness of the breezes! Continue to enjoy all the beauty of the days that come your way.



  2. Hi Nan! I've been so behind in blog reading lately, but just spent some time catching up on your book lists "a few posts ago". I love them and always pay special attention to things you recommend. You've never been wrong yet :)
    Hugs, Joanne

  3. Oh! Lucky you!! We had a bit of warm weather over the weekend (40s) so there was a bit of melting going on here, but there's still snow and ice on the north side of the house. We're due for snow tonight. :(

    I started reading Letters from Eden on January 1st and had to stop the other night because I was getting to close to the spring section. Are you reading it this year? I love her drawings!

    Enjoy your balmy weather. 80! My goodness! :)

  4. I'm backkkkkk. .-)

    Me too, I mostly try to take the weather as it comes. Oh sure, I get grumpy when I need some sun, to break up a string of grayyyyyyyyyyyy days. But mostly, I like the Season I happen to be in.

    Same here. January thaw. The snow, it will be gone I think. After this warmth and rain. But, there's plenty of time for winter to return. :-)

    Might as well roll with the punches. What else can we do? Mother Nature doesn't listen to our moaning anyway. :-)


  5. Mrs Bale would be pleased to note that here at Greenbow on this Wednesday the sun did shine. I wanted to dash out of work and collect sun rays in a basket to be able to enjoy them this evening while at home.


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