Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old-Fashioned Pancakes

Colleen has just informed me that it is Pancake Week, and though I'm a day late in starting, I'll take any excuse to make pancakes. I'm thinking, why not have a different recipe each day of this special week?! Tonight's recipe comes from Laurel's Kitchen Caring by Laurel Robertson (the original Laurel of Laurel's Kitchen).

Old-Fashioned Pancakes

2 cups flour (the recipe calls for all whole wheat. I used 1 1/2 cups whole wheat and 1/2 cup white)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon sugar
2 large eggs
2 1/2 - 3 cups milk
2 Tablespoons melted butter (the recipe called for oil - but I wanted to use butter!)

Stir together dry ingredients.
Beat eggs lightly and combine with milk.
Add to the dry ingredients and mix briefly.
Stir in the butter.

Spray a griddle or electric fry pan with cooking spray.
Pour batter on by large spoonfuls.
Cook over medium heat, turning once when bubbles come to the surface and pop, and the edges are slightly dry.

Boy, oh boy, these are great!


  1. Oh my. Your post just created the most luxurious aroma of pancakes floating through my room. ;)

  2. I think you're right to add white flour -- be sure it's unbleached. I would go so far as to use have half white and half whole wheat and add a tablespoon or two of untoasted wheat germ. A few chopped nuts of any kind would be efficacious as well.

    Also, I always use buttermilk in pancakes (and biscuits).

  3. Wish I could drop over with a few, CDN reader. :<)
    Night Stranger, I use King Arthur organic, unbleached for the white flour. Do you buy buttermilk or use the vinegar/lemon juice plus milk? That's the fun thing about pancakes- you can add most any fruit or nuts and they are great.

  4. These look delicious, Nan! I'll be making pancakes on Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) and I can't wait! Please come by my blog this weekend and enter your name in my giveaway. Have a great weekend! ~ Lynda xo

  5. Yum! This looks like a delicious recipe!

  6. I find it's pretty hard to create sour milk these days of "ultra-pasteurized." We used to just add vinegar as you suggest, but it doesn't work well with the new milk. I suppose if you got raw milk -- but it's easier to use buttermilk from the supermarket!

  7. Lynda and Nancy, they were great. The recipe said you could keep any leftover batter in the fridge and we did this. Were planning to make them again tonight, but instead we had the bread I made today. :<) Bread and milk was always used as a punishment, but it is a favorite of both Tom and I. Night Stranger, we do have raw milk from a local farm!

  8. These look wonderful. Do you have Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day) over there like we do here? I think it's Feb. 5th this year. My favourite is plain pancakes with lemon juice and sugar but you can have them with anything of course.

  9. These look wonderful Nan! I am not the pancake maker around here, and I am going to request some. With plenty of maple syrup and butter!

  10. My husband and I only get to have breakfast on Saturday morning together. I am going to make these tomorrow. Thanks Mary

  11. Cath, some people do. We often go to our friend's house and have pancakes or crepes with every imaginable topping. They've invited us for this week for the annual feast!

    Tara, I'm all for butter and maple syrup!

    Mary, I hope they were good!

  12. How did your pancakes turn out? Have you been eating new ones every day? I tried a German pancake recipe, which I love, but I REALLY need to get a proper pan for making them. I'll spare you the details but suffice it to say it is a royal pain with tasty results that, in my estimation, are NOT worth the effort no matter how tasty they are.

  13. Colleen, they turned out great. The photo is of those pancakes! We haven't had them every day but will tomorrow at our friends' house. Sorry yours didn't work out so well. Was it one of those you bake in a cast iron pan in the oven? As for the other kind, I don't have a griddle, and find the electric fry pan works just perfectly.

  14. Yes, it was a cast iron pan but I was using it on the stovetop. I'm intending to buy just a regular skillet that I can use because the deutschcakes are really quite good. :)


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