Friday, January 11, 2008

Garden Notes/Onions

This is a note-to-self. Next summer, as the onions grow, go out and pull one each day. Bring inside, chop, and put in the freezer. This year we had an abundance of the best onions we've ever grown, but we really don't have the proper place to store them, and some went bad. I figure this will be an easy way to keep them. And easy to cook. Just pull out a bag from the freezer whenever I want some for supper. This was the first time we've ever grown onion plants; plants we bought, not plants we started, and boy, were they a grand success. Prolific, delicious, huge. They were Super Stars from Johnny's, if anyone wants to try them.

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  1. Hi Nan,

    Freezing the onions is an awesome idea if you don't have anywhere to store them. I was worried about our lack of storage options until you mentioned the freezer. Thanks!

    Katie at GardenPunks

  2. Hey Katie, I'll be interested to hear if it works out for you. I have frozen them before but not for a long time. I never eat them raw, so I think sautéing them right from the freezer should result in the same flavor and texture as fresh. We'll see. Thanks for coming by.


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