Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's pictures/End of January clouds

I just wish you could feel the cool, fresh wind. This is my favorite kind of day. It is cloudy, but there's a brightness in the sky as well. The temperature is around 40┬║ F.


  1. Your clouds look ominous to me Nan. We had a bad storm blow through last night. When I get home from work I will post some pictures.

    It "feels like" minus 2 here this morning. Brrrrrrrrrr

  2. Lisa, I guess they might look ominous, but they aren't really. We've had some rain and wind today, but that's it. The air feels so fresh.
    Thanks, Nancy. It is very different since I took the photos a few hours ago. We've had sunshine and then the clouds disappeared and we have a bright white/gray sky. I love the sky changes.

  3. LOVE those photos. I love greyness in the skies! My laundry is out in the sun! Free drying. It's a bit chilly though here in the South, but bright
    Carolina Blue skies.

    Have you read Kathleen Norris' little book "Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and Women's Work". It's online if you haven't.

    Have a good warm cup of tea with your reading today!

  4. We sent you those warm temperatures you was in the 40s here on Monday. This morning was -16 according to our electronic thermometer. Brutal January.

  5. This day I've seen clouds, drizzle, heavy rain, icy rain, snow flurries (briefly), rough winds, sunshine, and clear skies. A little bit of everything--so very New England!

  6. Oh those clouds! I could swim in those clouds!

  7. I love the moodiness in these pictures. Lovely!

  8. Bonnie, I just called my local bookstore and they will have a copy for me by Wednesday. I thought this would be perfect Lenten reading. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

    Oh, Tara, I'm sorry. Our January could not have been better (for me anyhow).

    This was just like our day, Margaret!

    Thanks Colleen and Les. I love the words, 'swim' and 'moodiness' - both just perfect.


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