Friday, March 7, 2008

Today's poem/Poetry in the weather report

This is Tim Belford. He may not call himself a poet, but each morning when I turn on CBC radio's Quebec AM, I hear the most beautiful words spoken in almost a litany by Mr. Belford. I am referring to the weather report. My heart thrills as he goes through the names of the towns.

Témiscamingue (Temiscaming; Temiskaming)
Baie Comeau
the Gaspé
Drummondville, which you might not think particularly poetic, but its sound fits in perfectly.

These aren't necessarily in the order he lists them, but they are the ones in my mind as I now write. Oh, the beauty of these spoken words. My heart leaps up, quite literally. If you tune in to the above link and the weather is given along with the news, you, too, may hear the poetry which begins my day.


  1. I don't think I'd realised that you are so near to Canada!

  2. Oh m ... catching up on many marvellous posts which I have missed of late. Very enjoyable reading and great recommendations from books to tv series to cake!

  3. I've never listened to Belford, but I listen to CBC Halifax's live feed quite often throughout the day. I'm glad you enjoy CBC! I'll check out Belford. :)

  4. Oh, I will have to listen to that!
    Poetry in those village names!
    I love it.



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