Saturday, March 15, 2008

Product Placement

Since the first, and so far, only product placement I've done was in October, I thought you wouldn't mind another one. :<) This time it is for Quilts, hands down the healthiest cracker on the market. Oh, you can find a myriad of boxes in the "health food" aisle of the grocery store, but read those labels and you'll find white flour (not even unbleached sometimes), sugar, etc. The ingredients in Quilts are whole wheat and salt, period. Not organic, but still, pretty darn good. And to top off the quality, I find them delicious. Crisp and not sweet, just what I want in a cracker. Now you might ask, what does she put on these crackers? Well, sometimes Alouette, but most often a little peanut butter and strawberry jam; a perfect mid-afternoon snack to tide me over until suppertime. Highly recommended.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute name for these crackers! Sounds like a good afternoon snack.

    Pretty bowl. :)


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