Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Venturing Out

Inspired by mountainear, I hauled my favorite winter coat out of the closet, pulled up the hood, put on my boots, hung the camera around my neck, and went out into the raw, rainy weather. I walked the .2 mile down to get the mail, and though I wasn't out long, I feel much better. Early in this online journal, I posted some resolutions, and one of them was about getting outdoors more. I haven't kept it well, and in fact, am worse than ever. I get too involved with indoor things. I like the woodstove and baking and reading. But I'm going to work on it, starting with this little walk. If I can go out on this day, I can go out any day.

I think all weather is worse looking at it from the inside. Once I get outdoors, I enjoy myself. And I truly do find this spare time of year very beautiful.

Grey is gray no matter how you spell it
Not very different when I turned it into a black and white picture
Heading back up the hill
I put the political flyer on top to keep the rest of the mail dry. Do the senders really think I haven't decided by now?
The sheepys don't mind the weather, ever
August tansy
October tansy
Wet but happy


  1. Oh that country road is so beautiful. Even on a day like today...all gray and rainy. Winnie the pooh calls these blustery days.
    I would venture outside more often if only to be able to walk that sweet road back home. A loaf of fresh bread and a pot of coffee waiting for me when I came in.

  2. wonderful post...I love the photos but they do make me long to visit your neck of the woods. I have often said 'rain' is my favorite season - as long as one is dressed properly there is nothing like a walk in the rain! and sheep certainly never mind....those are some sweet sheep!

  3. Lovely rainy day adventure, Nan. So glad you posted it.

  4. This type of drizzly gray days are ideal for getting out. I usually take an umbrella with me. It always seems so quiet on these days. Peaceful.

  5. Nan, love the autumn pics! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, you are inspirational. I was sitting on the couch (okay, stretched full out and beneath a blanket) this evening thinking how I must start walking again before I turn into a pumpkin.

  7. I'm glad you went out, if only to share those fabulous pics with us! I go out every afternoon when I get home from work. Annie and I are usually out walking for about 20-30 minutes. We've been walking through piles of crunchy leaves on the sidewalks these days. I'd should take my camera...

  8. What a lovely wet walk..that tansy is beautiful whether August or October. I hope you don't mind much being 'tagged' today. I thought you should be 'It' :-)

  9. Super photographs - your part of the world looks somewhat similar to mine on a wet grey day. The difference will come I guess when you are under a blanket of crisp white snow and we are still grey and wet.

    Hope you continue your walks with the camera.

  10. I'll have to admit, a cold rain is my least favorite weather, but I do love the light on those days. Great photos!


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