Saturday, October 11, 2008

Housework/Bathroom - update 3

I realized this morning that I haven't written about the work on the bathroom since early August. Toward the end of that month, Tom put in our new sink, which I just love. Check out those cool faucets! We had originally thought of a simple pedestal sink, but then decided on this one for the shelf underneath and the towel bars. At this point it is still a temporary arrangement, held up by bungee cords. Still, we are able to use it just fine.

And at this point the work has halted temporarily. We made a decision to have a pine board floor instead of that lovely, but quite expensive, Marmoleum. This had been our original idea, but then we were wowed by the beauty of that African Desert color. Still, there were enough not-so-positive reviews by people to make us leery of spending all that money on an unknown. We know wood. Every room in our house has either a hardwood or pine floor. It works, it is tough, it is beautiful.

The reason we stopped on the bathroom is that it is very liveable right now, with a working sink, toilet, and tub. It isn't beautiful, but it is fine until Tom has some solid time to put in the floor and walls. And we decided to spend our "housework" time on the kitchen. I've done a fair bit of rearranging this week, and now we're going to begin thinking about the walls, cupboards, etc. More on this as we go along. We also have an outside project going that I'll write about soon.


  1. The sink is very beautiful and ... pine boards - you just can't go wrong with that! :)

  2. We're v keen on wood, just like you. But we're also v keen on marmoleum, the two have a lot in common. It's a living flooring, you occasionally catch a faint whiff of linseed, just as with wood you occasionally catch the scent of, say, pine. The colours are lovely, it's fabulously long-lasting, completely eco-friendly, no petro-chemicals, easy to clean, what more can I say? I'd have it everywhere, but in fact it's just in the bathroom and downstairs loo, as our house has lots of lovely wooden floors.

    What I'm trying to say is either is good, both are the best.


  3. I love reading about all your home improvements! Kudos to Tom for all his hard work!

  4. Very nice work so far, we are living with an en-suite in a similar state of mid-fix up!


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