Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My own book challenge

The great majority of all the unread books on my shelves are nonfiction. They are mostly (but not all) big books that will take a long while to finish. Is this why I don't even begin? Why don't I reach for them more often when I'm choosing a book to read? Well, I'm going to change that. I don't want more years to go by without reading them. I'm giving myself the challenge to read one a month, starting today! You may see on the sidebar which one I've chosen.


  1. That's a good idea - I may join you in choosing one of my long term unread books to read each month. I find non-fiction takes a lot longer to read than fiction, so good luck!

  2. It's funny but many of my unread books are fiction!

    I guess it's because I feel like I'm making a huge time commitment with fiction and I can take a nonfiction book and pick it up or put it down at the end of each chapter.

    Although, I have been known to get so involved in some fictions books that I've stayed up all night reading. :)

  3. Nan I posted you sour cream cookies on my journal a moment ago.
    Did not know to send it to you.
    Since I did not see an email address.
    Thank you.

  4. Looks like you picked an interesting one. I would love to hear how you like it. I knew nothing about Miss Potter until the movie. Now I would be interested to learn more. My NF books sit on the shelf too.....This is a good challenge....

  5. Nan, that sounds like a wonderful idea! I have tons of books on my shelf, some large and small quick reads. I just keep getting more and more books from and I don't have enough time to read them all! I am happy with this dilemma though!

  6. Good for you! I need to do this, too. I have quite a few "chunksters" in my stacks that I tend to avoid.


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