Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gone-Away Bloggers

I've been thinking lately of bloggers whose blogs are now gone. This is one of the facets of online journals - that people get tired or busy or even, sadly die, and then their blogs are gone. Sometimes the writers leave a note on the door to tell us what's up, and other times I just click, and a notice from blogger comes up saying it has been removed. The four I've been thinking about, and missing lately (in alphabetical order) are:

Classical Calling
Gardens By The Lake
Love White Linen
Sweet Harvest Homestead

I hope that like this jaunty couple, they are off having a wonderful time.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- funny that we were on the same wave length about retired bloggers. I especially miss Kris at Gardens By The Lake. She never announced a hiatus, but I know she had a new grandchild.

  2. One of those is a friend of mine!
    She's busy with her children , homeschooling and watching them grow up. A good Mom! AND I got out my
    Dorothy Wordsworth Journal while teaching about her brother ! Fun to see that you have that out too!


  3. I may not post as often as I used to (or as often as I'd like), but I doubt I'll ever leave the blogging world. Do you ever wonder if it (Blogger, or any other such online blogging tool) will be around ten years from now?

  4. I have often felt bereft at the loss of a blog. Yet I go through spells when finding the time and energy to read and post just doesn't happen for me either, so I can understand why some people take long breaks.

    Nice to know that at least 2 of your "retired bloggers" are busy with fulfilling activities!

  5. I also miss Gardens by the Lake. I also feel sad when bloggers 'disappear'. Your comments look different! You are so savvy!


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