Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doing my (little) bit

For the environment
Ever since we've had this house, our kitchen trash can has been under the sink, with a plastic bag inside. The other day I came up with the bright idea to get a can with a rigid plastic liner. Now, I use no plastic bags inside it, and Tom just brings it out and dumps it into the plastic bags we must use for the dump. That I can't avoid, but we do now have an alternative for the kitchen. We would go through a bag a day, so that's a lot over time. Plus, it's really pretty!

For the economy
My new stove! Our old one was tired and grungy and tough to clean. This one works so much better. The oven heats up faster, and cooks more evenly. Two of the burners can be large or small, with separate controls. There's a melt temp on one of the small burners. The other day when I made the muffins, I just put the butter and honey in, and didn't even have to watch or stir. Very slowly and gently they melted in the pan. I'm thrilled!


  1. It appears your pretty black kitty likes the new trash can, too!

    I just got a new stove last year, replacing one that was twenty-five years old. It's amazing how much they've improved them. It doesn't heat up the whole kitchen like the old one did. I never wanted to bake or make a roast in the summer with the old one.

  2. He was waiting impatiently for me to feed him; probably thought I was wasting time taking pictures. :<) Wow! 25 years is a long time now to keep the same appliance. I wonder if the new one will last so long, Joyce. Our old one wasn't terribly old but it just wasn't a great stove. We decided not to get new kitchen cupboards, and thought we'd put the money into a stove instead. I wanted it to look nice so close to the sitting area of our kitchen, and it sure does! I love it.

  3. What lovely, sensible and simple ways to make economies. If only our political leaders could see things through in this way. . .
    Oh, nearly forgot, Phoebe and I are going to make those Muffins on Friday. I'll let you know how we get on!Thanks for the recipe.

  4. It is a good thing your cat didn't stand in front of the new stove or we couldn't see it. Maybe it was standing there??? Isn't it grand getting a new stove? New trash can is very colorful.

  5. Do you remember how excited I was when I got my new stove (oh, 4 years ago, I think)? I still love it! Have fun with yours, as I know you will. It looks great in your kitchen.

  6. Those are some very smart, sensible and useful features! They should be on all stoves - I especially like the idea of being to change the burner size...seems when you're cooking for any number of people, all the pots you need to use never "fit" right on their allotted burners. And I love that it's black! Very nice - enjoy!


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